Welcome To Move On Up

Welcome to Move On Up.org, a nation wide movement in conservatism. We invite you to use our site to seek out current information on all topics relating to the Black conservative movement. Our vision is to: One by one connect, motivate and empower Black Conservatives to openly participate in the political processes of the United States of America. Our mission is simple: We will connect the 10% of Black Americans who are voting conservatives, and together we will increase our numbers to affect positive, life affirming outcomes in the Black Community and our nation at large.
After a half a century of liberal control of Black communities and inner cities, we have rampant poverty; abysmal employment rates, poor educational outcomes and a negative birthrate. Many are looking to the Federal Government to accept blame for these problems and fix them. Move On Up says that we must look to ourselves. The break down of the Black family is the root of all of our societal ills, and if we repair and elevate the Black Family, every other issue becomes manageable, and will eventually be cured.
What you will find here at MOU that is patently different from past endeavors of this type, is that we seek connections! We have a social networking component(community) that is the key to increasing our numbers and effectiveness. There is much work to do, and in order to accomplish any great task people are required. This is where you come in! Research the conservative position. After perusing our site, visit some of our sister sites. By familiarizing yourself with the conservative viewpoint, you equip yourself to answer questions about your views. We encourage you to feel free to disagree and challenge falsehoods levied against you about conservatism! Plant the seeds of knowledge that lead to a successful way of thinking. We owe it to ourselves, our children and this great nation to do no less.
Notice that there is not a political label on this movement. This is not about a party affiliation, rather this movement is a reflection of our values. We will vote the values that drive our community toward success, not failure. Those values are Life, Marriage before children, Determination and Education
Please feel free to reach out on our facebook page. If this is your first foray into conservative thought, Welcome! Now, lets get to work…